About me

I’m an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto .
I’m appointed in the Department of Cell & Systems Biology and part of the growing computational biology and high-throughput genetics community in Toronto.

Academic Background
I was a postdoctoral fellow in Michael Desai’s group at Harvard University, and a graduate student in Alan Moses’ lab at the University of Toronto. Over the years, I’ve worked closely with cool collaborators like Brenda Andrews, Charlie Boone, Gianni Liti, Sasha Levy, Eric Weiss, Christian Landry and mentored a large number of extremely talented graduate students.

I love nature and hanging out with friends.
I biked the Danube trail from Passau to Vienna, I hiked part of the West Highland way in Scotland, and climb as many mountains with as many friends as I can.
I watch terrible movies, aspire to train my cat to hike with me, and have attempted to make mozzarella dozens of time before giving up.